What will i learn?

A Simple Guide to Effective Time Management & Goal Setting, Increasing Focus & Concentration & Overcoming Failures

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  • Understand the Fundamental Need for better Time Management
  • Learn & Apply the Two Crucial Components for Success with Time Management on a Daily Basis
  • Learn Simple Goal Setting Guidelines that can be put in Practice Consistently
  • Create Task Lists in an Effective and Simple Way that makes it easier to Stick to it
  • Know how to Prioritize Things that need to be done, Based on their Importance and Value
  • Pick and Choose tools that will make Managing Time Easier
  • Create Optimal Schedule of Tasks while Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Time Management
  • Effectively Monitor and Measure Self Progress on a Periodic Basis
  • Identify Major Momentum Killers and Ways to Defeating it
  • Exponentially increase Focus and Concentration using 2 Powerful Techniques Rarely Taught
  • Continuously Follow up on plans and consistently take action
  • Handling Distractions and Improve Collaboration
  • Finding your motivation and staying motivated - Longer than you've ever been
  • Requirement

  • Basic working knowledge of computers & internet skills
  • Basic knowledge using MS Word, MS Excel & MS Outlook or any Calendar Application
  • Willingness to apply items explained in the Lectures

  • Description

    In this course you'll learn:

    • Crushing your resolutions for this year and every year that follows
    • Getting clear on the #1 basis of time management (before adopting any strategy concerning time management)
    • The 3 guiding principles for effective goal setting
    • Dividing & conquering short term & long term goals
    • Skills to prioritize your goals
    • Simple tools to help you optimize time and manage your tasks effectively
    • How to create a schedule that'll help you better manage your time
    • Pitfalls to avoid with time management
    • Executing your time management plan of action
    • 1 simple aid to significantly reduce workplace distraction (it's so easily available, it's almost taken for granted. Hint! You may already have this)
    • 2 rarely taught Focus and Concentration building techniques you can implement right away to double your concentration levels
    • Ways to Overcome day to day obstacles
    • Handling failure and rejection and moving past it
    • Effective ways of improving collaboration at the workplace
    • Right ways to track progress
    • Getting and Staying motivated
    • Top productivity drainers and ways to counter them

    Who is the target audience?

  • Professionals working in demanding jobs or career (especially in the services industry)
  • Professionals working in high stress workplaces
  • High School and College Students
  • Professionals who have a strong desire to do more in life but are constantly driven by the day's priorities
  • Students and Professionals that struggle with ADHD (difficulty focussing and / or concentrating)

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