What will i learn?

Learn web development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, ES6 React and Node

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  • Build websites with HTML & CSS
  • Build backend servers & APIs with Node and Express
  • Work with NoSQL databases like MongoDB
  • Build full-stack web apps with Facebook's React Framework
  • Build mobile-friendly websites with Bootstrap 4 & CSS
  • Requirement

  • You should have a PC or Mac and know how to turn it on!
  • Have an Internet connection

  • Description


    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript
    • Bootstrap 4
    • DOM Manipulation
    • NPM
    • Node
    • MongoDB
    • REST
    • Express
    • ES6
    • React

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    Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for beginners - no prior experience is required
  • This course is for entrepreneurs & hobbyists
  • This course is for those looking for a career change
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn front-end and backend development
  • This course is for students

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