What will i learn?

Step by step guide for getting started with using HTML and CSS for building websites.

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  • Create webpages using HTML coding
  • Apply CSS styling to web pages to transform HTML
  • Better understand the fundamentals of building websites
  • be able to create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS

  • Description

    HTML and CSS are the core building blocks of the internet and make up what you see online everyday.

    This course is designed to introduce you to modern web design with a focus on real world everyday web development skills. Let us show you where to start and how to create websites.

    This course has the answers to anyone who wants to learn to make websites, with a practical real world approach to teaching website development. Just knowing syntax alone is not enough, you need to know how to put it all together. People are always asking me what do I need to know to create websites, and this course contains everything you need. Step by step training demonstrating most commonly used syntax.

    Out approach is different, learn to think like a web developer. Web development broken down into not only HTML syntax but how to think about your HTML as you create it, to better prepare for styling. Saves you time so that you can create you HTML and then move on to CSS making the website come to life.

    CSS is were you can let your creativity flow, transform your HTML code into a beautiful website. Learn how to use CSS in a modern approach, learning which properties are most commonly used and why.

    Learn how to make your website responsive, adding different breakpoints to ensure your website is accessibility and consumable from any size device.

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