What will i learn?

Learn Accounting for Prepaid Expenses with Advance Excel Modeling Techniques (Formulas & Functions, Power Query and VBA)

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  • Formulas and Functions to prepare Accounting Schedules (such as prepaid exps)
  • Advanced Formulas, Tips and Techniques in Microsoft Excel for Accountants
  • How to Manage Prepaid Expenses accounting professional way (any other amortisation schedule)
  • Forecast and Budget Prepaid Expenses and its impact on three Financial Statements
  • Maintaining utmost accuracy while closing month end books (Accountants) for Prepaid Exps

  • Description

    I will teach you basis of Prepaid expense accounting with simple example (Accounting Journal entries)

    I will teach you hands on techniques to maintain a robust prepaid expenses schedule with which you can derive accurately:

    • Portion of Prepaid Expenses to be charged to Income Statement/Profit and Loss statement each month
    • Prepaid Expenditure Balances for Monthly Balance Sheet Reviews
    • Forecast or Budget Prepaid Expenses for future periods
    • Impact on Cashflow of Business due to prepaid expenses spending (high or low)

    I have used Microsoft Excel as a tool to prepare three kinds of Prepaid Expenses Schedules (Models), I will walk you through step by step process on how to prepare and maintain prepaid expenses models/schedules during this you will learn:

    1. IF Function (nested IF), Date Functions, Lookup and Match Function, Named Ranges, Data validation, Array Formulas and much more
    2. How to combine above functions to create powerful formulas
    3. Use of Power Query (Get and Transform) and Pivot Tables
    4. Excel VBA

    At end of the course, you will have clear and practical understanding of how prepaid expenses accounting works and how you can use Microsoft Excel efficiently to calculate accurate prepaid expenses charge, prepaid expenses balance and Forecast Prepaid Expenses for future periods

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