What will i learn?

Learn how to become an Interaction Design Specialist and boost your career

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  • Understand the fundamentals of Interaction Design
  • Think like a Designer
  • Create Wire Frames before creating Web Sites
  • Learn the principles of Interaction Desgin

  • Description

    The Benefits - You will learn:

    • The fundamental concepts of Interaction Design
    • Why you should use Design Thinking and why it is more effective than traditional business methods when the goal is innovation and great design in a business environment.
    • Practical Interaction Design methods and tools such as Wire Frame that will empower you to apply Interaction Design at work.
    • Ethnographic and analysis methods, which differ from classical market research, such as focus groups and surveys.
    • By working through a complete innovation project.
    • How to initiate a new working culture based on a user-centric approach, empathy, and playful testing. A great deal of design still takes a top-down approach; specified, or determined in ways that do not involve iterative engagement with clients, customers, or end-users.
    • Early and fast prototyping as well as testing methods that will help you reduce risks and accelerate organizational learning. This is especially important if you are responsible for the introduction of new products and services.

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