What will i learn?

Learn Android and Create Amazing Apps for Android Playstore

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  • Create Apps for the Latest Android Version
  • Assimilate new concepts introduced in the latest version
  • Master the concepts underlying the Android technology
  • Work on professional Android projects

  • Description

    Some of the Concepts Covered in the Course:

    Android tools and Ecosystem - Get to know the Android Ecosystem and tools and SDKs you will need to get started on Android Development.

    Android UI - Learn about Views, view groups, layouts, listeners,Margin and Gravity. Learn to create cool and immersive UI for your apps.

    Activities and Intents - Learn about Android control flow and user interaction using Activities and Intents.

    Adapters and Dynamic Views - Master the concepts behind creating dynamic views consuming web services. learn to create custom Adapters for your apps

    Fragments and User Navigation - Learn about the use of fragments and how to use standard navigational APIs with them.

    Data Storage and Web Services - Learn to implement persistence and make your app talk to web services. Create mobile apps which connect seamlessly to enterprise backend systems.

    Lollipop APIs - Get to work on new Android Apis and learn new concepts such as Material Design on Android. Master the Apis that are new and powerful.

    Google Play and Best App Development Practices - learn to make killer apps and make money by integrating ads. Prepare yourself for an Android job Interview

    Learn all this and much more....

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