What will i learn?

Learn to make high quality textures for the model from scratch using these industry-standard software packages!

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  • Texture the asset using Substance Painter
  • Preparing the 3d object for texturing process
  • Learn Research and Presentation techniques to find the reference for your models
  • Create complex material and texture in Substance Painter

  • Description

    Course Information:

    This course is third course of Series Creating Hard Surface Aircraft for Film Production in Autodesk Maya and Substances Painter which provides an overview of Texturing, and Exporting Textures for Rendering 3D graphics in the production. Beginning with a tour of the interface, Animation Hacks shows what we will learn how to generate in ColorID map in Autodesk Maya. With the high poly model and the generated maps, we now can modify our basemesh to use it as Lowpoly. After we have created the low poly object, we will export the low poly to Substance Painter and generate color and textures. The course also demonstrates how to create and edit basic texture, the material effect on surfaces, and apply smart materials and textures.

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