What will i learn?

Master Microsoft Visio 2013 & 2016 to Create Incredible Flowcharts and Diagrams

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  • Understanding the Microsoft Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage View.
  • Creating a new diagram.
  • Manipulating and adding shapes.
  • How to use rulers, grids and guides.
  • Connecting shapes using lines and dynamic glue.
  • How to resize, position and connect shapes.
  • Discover how to work with themes.
  • Create an organization chart.
  • Using external shape data.
  • Creating a cross-functional flowchart.

  • Description

    You’ll discover a vast array of helpful videos and thoughtful exercise sheets for using all aspects of these two programs. You can:

    • Navigate Visio’s Microsoft "Ribbon", Backstage View, and Quick Access Toolbar.
    • Create new diagrams from scratch and reshape your image.
    • Work with existing files to improve and refine your branding efforts.
    • Add, manipulate, resize, connect, and glue shapes for maximum visual appeal.
    • Perfect your diagrams with rulers, grids, and guides.
    • Work with external shape data to create a unified brand.
    • Select and customize themes for a quick-and-easy professional look.
    • Design organizational charts and cross-functional flowcharts

    Click here to get top courses in Microsoft Visio for just $10.99